4 Things Every Shopify E-Commerce Developer Must Have

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December 31, 2018
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October 15, 2021

Shopify is a great tool for creating your own powerful online store. Ensuring that you are getting the most out of a shopify, you may want to start looking for a dedicated shopify developer to help you get set up. Here’s what you should look for specifically.

Do they have a professional website?

A Shopify professional should know the basics and one way of knowing right away is by looking at their website. Is the design modern and functional? Does it look good on your computer and your phone? Is there good attention to detail? Are there obvious mistakes or typos anywhere? These mistakes or lack thereof say a lot about the person you might hire to manage your online store.

Money back guarantee

A decent developer doesn’t take money for a job not completed to the satisfaction of the customer. When communicating with your future Shopify Developer, make sure that there is a guarantee for money returned if services are not completed or are unsatisfactory. This way you can avoid scammers, beginners, or greedy developers that might not give you exactly what you want out of your online store.

Offers Maintenance after the service goes live

If you aren’t already comfortable at least somewhat with using the Shopify API, you will need help updating and fixing bugs on your online store. These fixes can be time consuming for beginners and errors could damage your website. You’ll want a professional developer who is willing to continue a relationship with you and update your site as needed.

Transparent and Quick Service

After discussing the details of the services required by your business, your shopify developer should begin the process of creating your online store quickly. Their plan should be clear to you and maintain contact throughout the project’s progression. Never at any point should you be worried about your developer’s progress or integrity.

With these four criteria in mind, you can be sure that your money will be well invested as you start your own professional online store.

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