4 Things Every Shopify E-Commerce Developer Must Have
June 26, 2019
Cyber Security for Small Businesses
December 13, 2021

All of the technology your business uses is important but the servers, storage systems, network equipment, and backup systems can cost large amounts of money if they fail. It’s worth the investment to put time and money into protecting these systems. When it comes to system management, the ultimate goal is prevention over reaction. A system manager with a reactive strategy would know how to fix problems as they arise in the system, all while the business owner is losing precious time and money. They operate under the assumption that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This might work for some things when running a business, but not with system maintenance. Overtime, they might lose data, run down their machines with outdated technology, or even lose the whole system due to neglect. . A system manager with a preventative strategy keeps the system running seamlessly by protecting the system from developing problems in the first place. Their technology is modern and stable. Their equipment may even last longer. Preventative maintenance helps business owners sleep at night knowing that their technical issues will be kept at a minimum, allowing them to do what they do best: running the business. System Monitoring usually includes installing management software that sends alerts to the system manager, in this case 3io. We can remotely manage any system, providing patch management, predictive failure, and more. These alerts don’t just apply to problems, they alert the manager of weaknesses and potential threats. With dedicated, preventative management, your system can be a huge benefit to your company instead of an expensive burden.

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