1What is the price of a GPU mining rig from us?
The base unit comes with 3 3080ti GPUs and can support an additional 5. The base system is $12,000 and each additional GPU is $2000.* *Subject to market availability.
2Why a GPU miner vs an ASIC miner?
ASIC miners typically mine only one algorithm(coin) and are not upgradable or modular. GPU miners can be added to incrementally, can mine multiple algorithms, and are upgradable as technology advances.
3Why mine vs buy crypto?
Buying crypto gets you a set coin amount to HODL for gains. Mining gets you a perpetually increasing coin amount. This means your earnings grow exponentially as you mine and HODL. If you have the opportunity why not do both?
4What do I need to start?
In addition to the mining equipment, you need to either prepare a space for your miner- it needs electricity, internet and great airflow(they get hot) or arrange a hosting location. Be sure to do your research to ensure the hosting company you choose is adept at GPU miners- we have horror stories from customers who ended up with very bad experiences.
5Where should I HODL? Cold wallet or Exchange?
This is a very complicated question and we are working on putting together a clear concise answer shortly.
6What should I do when mining profits are low?
Mining profits can fluctuate from time to time and as an algorithm matures the difficulty increases dropping profits. If at all possible- continue mining. You are accumulating the coin, not the dollar value of the coin. as the coin values increase you will be happier having more of it then less. When the mining market seems entirely unprofitable it provides an opportunity to mine a variety of different coins and begin to stockpile a wide variety of options.
7Should I cash out my earnings to pay my costs?
We would advise against it. The more total coin you have in your wallet when the values of said coin increases the more valueable it will be in the long run. If at all possible, pay all utility and other related costs out of pocket to maximize the return when the coin values rise.
8What is Crypto Mining?
At the most basic level, crypto mining is the process of you lending out hardware to the blockchain and being rewarded in return. The more processing power you contribute, the higher the reward.

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