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Basic test

This Monitoring Agreement Attachment is in conjunction with the Services Agreement, which together with the
Schedules sets out the terms and conditions of how MA Polce will provide the following Services.
1. Performance, Availability & Predictive
Failure Monitoring. MA Polce will utilize a monitoring
system designed to track the availability and
performance of critical networking components,  
including designated servers, and managed
networking gear (e.g. routers, firewalls, managed
switches, etc.). The monitoring system will provide
our Customer Information Center (CIC) with real time
alerts that will be responded to under the terms of this
Agreement. The system will also allow for the
periodic production of reports which can be made
available to the Client upon request.
2. Patch Monitoring & Management. Patch
Monitoring and Management is included as part of
these services, unless specified otherwise in the
Exclusions / Assumptions section of this Agreement.
MA Polce will utilize a system that will monitor the
operating system patch levels on servers of known
systems that run approved operating systems and are
connected to the network. This system will allow MA
Polce to deploy patches utilizing strategic timing
based on best practices; and to monitor and manage
patch levels of Microsoft Office applications, including
certain critical Microsoft back office server based
applications such as Exchange and SQL Server.
3. Virus Definition Monitoring &
Management. MA Polce will utilize a system that
monitors antivirus definition levels of all known
systems, unless specified otherwise in the Exclusions
/ Assumptions section of this Agreement.
4. System Administration. Basic system
administration is included as part of these services.
Basic system administration tasks include such
actions as resetting passwords, assisting with basic
shared folder creation and the associated
permissions, creating and removing users from the
user directory, adding a printer to an existing
workstation, minor software updates, etc.
5. System Maintenance. Basic maintenance
tasks are included as part of these services. Each
maintenance task is performed with the goal of
minimizing intrusion, using methods such as
automatic/remote, manual/remote, and manual/onsite.
6. Customer Information Center &
Emergency Support. Issues that involve systems
listed as part of this agreement, assuming the client
has met all expectations and requirements contained
herein, and assuming the nature of the issue is not
listed as an exclusion, will be handled with the goal of
minimizing intrusion, and are included in the price of
this agreement.
Response to alerts and requests are covered during
standard business hours, defined by us as 8:00 AM –
5:00PM, Monday through Friday (excluding state or
federal holidays or when government offices are
closed). Extended hours support, defined as
Standard Hours Coverage plus 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Monday through Friday; and 24x7x365 support are
optionally available.
Companies who select Standard Hours  

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